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Email pro is a Mail Solution for businesses to individuals who want to have a professional email.

Professional Email

We offer professional email solutions (Email PRO) to communicate with your customers and employees in a simple, secure and professional way.

  • Webmail
  • Anti-Spam
  • Anti-Virus
Email Basic
  • 5GB espace
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Email Business
  • 30GB espace
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G Suite Solution

Rang Hosting offers G Suite service for email integrated solution for secure cloud collaboration and productivity applications that leverage Google's AI. Includes Gmail, Docs, Drive ect ..

  • Enhanced security provided by Google.
  • Powered by Gmail.
  • Outlook Email Client with G Suite Sync.
  • Easily connect through Hangouts.
G Suite
  • 30GB espace
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Why Choose Our Email Pro Solution ?

Anti virus

Protecting your mailbox against intrusions and viruses.

web mail

Simple interface for ease of management your mailbox

Solution email pro

Secure access to your email account


Your email is Against spam and viruses.

When you are a business owner, you need to have a professional way to stay in touch with your customers. For many small businesses, this is email. But have you thought about the email account you use for business? Your business email address says a lot about your business - after all, it's the first thing customers see in their inboxes. The wrong email address can frustrate your marketing efforts. The solution? A branded email address containing your company name.
"Using a free email such as [email protected] can make your business less professional. "
This is why it is always better to use an email address containing the separate domain name of your company.
“The general email address of RANG HOSTING is for example [email protected] "
An address professional looking email gives you, you and your business, more authority when you meet with existing and potential customers, which helps you to conclude the agreement more often.

things you won't get via free email

Many small businesses start by using free email accounts just because they haven't thought about it much. Unfortunately, you cannot use your own domain with free email accounts. You will need to open a paid email account to take advantage of these rewards.
• More authority.
• Better brand image.
• Less distraction.
• Better results.
• Learn how to make a good impression on your customers by setting up a personalized email address for your business.

Which personalized Email address delivers?

When your business interacts with customers online, it's important to trust them. Whether the person you're sending a message to is looking for more information about your products and services or wants to complain about a bad experience they have had, every aspect of the interaction must be positive.
But using an email address ending in “@” or “@” can make consumers feel like you're not being serious. They might even wonder if the email is from a legitimate business.
Here are some of the benefits of setting up a branded email address for your business.
1. More authority
Anyone can create a Yahoo or Gmail email account for free. In fact, most of your consumers probably have free email accounts.
If your business uses the same type of email account as your consumers, you don't really position yourself as an authority in the eyes of your consumers.
This means that you are not just another person using free email. You represent a real company that means business. Branded emails will also increase your credibility when responding to customer complaints or managing online business reviews.
2. Better branding
Using your company website domain in your email address will help the customer remember your company name and your web address. If they already know your business name and want to find you online, the first thing they'll type into Google is Likewise, if they see your web address on a sign, they can quickly guess the name of your business.
As long as you own, only you can use it.
Using this domain name for your website and all company email addresses helps build brand awareness, integrating your company's efforts into a coherent strategy.
3. Less distraction
The use of domains such as "" and "" in your email address promotes these companies rather than yours. Regardless of your company's industry, your email address will be linked to the identity of another company if you continue to use a personal (i.e. free) email address.
With your own domain-based email, you will strengthen your business identity with each email you send. A glance will tell loyal customers that this is a message they want to read.
4. Better results
Your email marketing campaign will not go very far if it comes from a free email.
Using a personal email address can quickly derail your email marketing, as some of your users may inadvertently delete it. They might be wary of your emails, making them look like spam or some kind of virus. Bulk emails sent from a free address can easily be found in the recipient's spam folder.
You have worked hard to collect these email addresses and you don't want to lose subscribers by looking like spam. A branded email will give your campaign the foundation it needs to grow your subscriber base.

Professional email @

Research shows that email usage doesn't seem to be going down anytime soon. If you're wondering how to grow your business through email marketing, creating a personalized address is a great way to make an impact.
You may have quickly started a small business using handy Gmail tools. However, the transition to a brand address still needs to be studied for several reasons, including:
• Credibility: brand emails appear more professional to your customers.
• Marketing: a personalized email account can be a profitable addition to your marketing plan.
• Standardization: the presentation of a similar messaging structure of all your staff to your customers helps maintain brand standards and professionalism.
• Security: Protecting confidentiality, sensitive business information and other important data is easier on a corporate email.
• Visibility: personalized e-mail addresses are less likely to end up in your customers' spam folder.
Are you ready to increase the professional appeal and marketing power of your e-mail address? Whether you are looking for a complete hosting solution or want to try our economical package only by email, RANG HOSTING is there to help you take your professional website to the next level!