Nom de domaine

This will be available during the year 2021

Domain names?

A domain name is a web address that allows internet users to find your website by associating your domain name with an IP address.
for example redirect to an IP address ( and access to your web content.
Register your .com, .ma, .net, .org, .info, .fr domain name and more than 200 extensions from 39 Dh / year.

Why the domain name ?

The domain name is very important to protect your identity and your brands, so very good domain facilitated your site to improve the SEO perfermance of your domain name.

Domain name extensions

  • .ma: Moroccan identity.
  • .com: Business organizations, but without restrictions.
  • .org: Non-Profit Organizations.
  • .net: Internet service providers.
  • .ac: academies and educational institutions.
  • authorized news organizations.
  • .gov: government agencies.
pour qoui .ma domaine

Domain Name Functionality

We provide the simplest and most recent technology to facilitate the control of your domain name.

DNS Management

Manage and control your domain name with our clever DNS management interface.

Whois Lock

Protect whois information from your domains for free.


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